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Our training programs are delivered in schools and post-secondary institutions all around the world. We work to train school leaders, educators, wellbeing teams and senior students to be equipped with the skills and confidence to recognize a person with thoughts of suicide and connect them to safety within their communities.

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Case Study

Following the LivingWorks safeTALK training, 61.8% of all participants in Manitoba, Canada reported that suicide was a problem for students in their schools, an increase in suicide awareness of over 20%.

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LivingWorks Results in Education Manitoba safeTALK Evaluation

A 2018 evaluation of safeTALK implementation in a Manitoba high school found five statistically significant outcomes that resulted from participation in the workshops:


Participants gained new knowledge, skills and improved attitudes towards people who may be thinking of suicide.


Participants were better able to identify the signs and indicators of people thinking about suicide.


Participants reported being better able and more willing to support people thinking about suicide.


Participants were more aware of the available KeepSafe Connections in their school.


Participants were better aware of what to do if a friend tells them they are thinking about suicide.

Training for Schools & Youth

A best practice model for integrating LivingWorks training into your school or educational setting is to consider all the courses below being offered to people in various positions. By training educators and staff leaders as well as students and parents, you are empowering entire communities who can all support one another to create a network of safety in the school.

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