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What is LivingWorks ASIST T4T?

The LivingWorks ASIST Training for Trainers (T4T) trains people with existing teaching, presentation, or leadership experience to conduct the two-day ASIST workshop. With over 6,000 active trainers worldwide, LivingWorks ASIST is the world’s leading suicide intervention skills workshop. Studies have shown that it not only increases caregiver competence and knowledge, but also significantly improves outcomes when used to help people who are experiencing thoughts of suicide.

The five-day T4T  is the first step toward becoming a registered LivingWorks ASIST trainer and providing your own workshops. Attendees learn the content and process of LivingWorks ASIST and the skills needed to conduct it. The course and the ongoing support from LivingWorks provide a cost-effective way to develop life-assisting knowledge and skills in your community.

Tips for Successful Trainers

Here are some of the factors that tend to increase the likelihood of becoming a successful LivingWorks ASIST trainer:

What You Will Learn

You’ll experience the LivingWorks ASIST workshop
You’ll gain skills necessary to lead the LivingWorks ASIST workshop
You’ll understand how to use the LivingWorks ASIST Trainer Manual and accompanying Workshop slides
You’ll build the confidence and mastery to present the content

Attendees can expect a balance of challenge, support, and opportunities for participation at the T4T.

LivingWorks ASIST T4T Schedule

Day 1 and 2:

Participation in the five sections of an LivingWorks ASIST workshop: Preparing, Connecting, Understanding, Assisting and Working Together.

Day 3: Morning

Transition to the trainer role

Day 3: Afternoon

Coaching sessions

Day 4: Morning

“Dress rehearsal” of day 1 of
LivingWorks ASIST

Day 4: Afternoon

Coaching sessions

Day 5: Morning

“Dress rehearsal” of day 2 of
LivingWorks ASIST

Day 5: Afternoon

Practical implementation activity, review of T4T and learning goals

One training coach will be present for every five to six participants, and attending all five days is mandatory. In addition, it should be noted that it takes two trainers to present an LivingWorks ASIST workshop, so candidates should ensure that they will have a training partner to work with in their area or organization before getting involved. These partners could be other participants in their T4Ts, existing LivingWorks ASIST trainers, or a combination of both.

Information Sheet

The process of becoming a registered LivingWorks ASIST trainer is a significant commitment for participants (and their organizations, if applicable). However, as more than 6,000 ASIST trainers around the world can attest, the rewards are worth the effort.

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