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New trainer tools and videos filmed at Videopalooza

New trainer tools and videos filmed at Videopalooza

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From April 25th to 29th, LivingWorks gathered trainers, staff members, and videographers from across Canada and beyond to film dozens of videos at Videopalooza! These videos—including trainer learning aids and program materials—represent LivingWorks’ ongoing dedication to supporting our trainers and continually updating our training programs.

Videopalooza was envisioned and named by Phil Rodgers, LivingWorks’ Vice-President of Design, Development, and Evaluation who passed away this April. “The recording sessions had great meaning,” said Vice-President of Associate Care Kathryn VanBoskirk, who was on hand to support the filming. “They helped all of us honor Phil’s vision of how to support trainers and provide excellent tools for them.”

“We had a list of videos we wanted to film, and we got through everything on our list including the optional ones,” said senior LivingWorks consultant Devon Tayler. “We were very efficient on time. All of the presenters were well prepared, and once they got comfortable in front of the camera, they delivered their parts with exceptional quality.”

LivingWorks staff at videopalooza

The videos filmed at Videopalooza included:

  • New video footage for the safeTALK French Co-Trainer which will be incorporated into the safeTALK Trainer presentation resource
  • safeTALK Trainer Learning Aid
  • suicide to Hope Trainer Learning Aid
  • Three tips for suicide to Hope facilitators
  • Eight tips for safeTALK trainers
  • LivingWorks co-founder Bill Lang presenting his Walk the Talk presentation
  • A simulated ASIST PAL intervention

The film crew was instrumental to Videopalooza’s success. “I can’t say enough about them,” said Devon. “They were so professional and supportive, so dedicated and committed to our work.” The crew included Neil Scott, Ron Osiowy, Greg MacKay, LivingWorks’ own Adam Peariso, and Lawrie Edison, who has been involved in every LivingWorks video project since the very beginning.

Phil’s presence was felt throughout the event. “I wanted everybody to experience the kindness, the generosity, and the support that Phil had around this whole project,” said Devon, who worked closely with Phil during the visioning and planning stages of Videopalooza, and then led it to completion after his death.

Devon opened each day’s work with a short celebration of Phil’s contributions, spirit, and enthusiasm. His photo, a carved LivingWorks figure, and a wooden heart were present throughout the filming. “The constant symbolic presence of Phil in the room was really important,” said Kathryn. “For me personally I think it helped in my continuing to deal with and to heal from the loss.”

Presenters also appreciated the chance to participate in Videopalooza. “In a word, it was phenomenal,” said LivingWorks trainer Karen Grant. “I knew it would be hard work, but I didn’t expect to come away from it with so much growth, on both a personal and professional level.” Finally, there was no shortage of joy and celebration. “It was fun!” said LivingWorks Board member and partner Lance Armstrong, who played the part of a workshop participant. “It was fun both learning how it happens behind the scenes, and learning the content as well.”

We would like to thank the presenters, film crew, and organizers for their outstanding work at Videopalooza. We are now busily working on post-production in order to make the videos available to our trainer network to support your learning and excellence. We will provide updates when these new tools are ready to launch!

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